Code of Conduct


Our vision is to be the world's most trusted Fetish and BDSM community. Therefore, we want to create a safe playground for us kinksters and the kink-curious. Play a part in growing our kinky community, but do it only by sharing your own pics. Nudity will only be visible to those with an 18+ age-check who have logged into and consented to NSFW content being shown on the FET app. Otherwise, absolutely no 18+ content can be shared on the FET app in line with App Store and Google Play Store guidelines.

In other words: Think of us as an alternative to mainstream social media, with the advantage of connecting with people who share your kinks. So treat everyone here fairly and always respect the law - we have our hard limits, too!


Full details on our guidelines are below. But remember, overstepping these guidelines could result in you being put in the naughty corner permanently, with all privileges taken away. So, play nice, and we’ll all get along. 😈

Need further clarification on these guidelines, or have a question, some feedback, or a problem with the site? Check out FAQ or get in touch.

Our Code

Respect our community

One of the strengths of our community is that it's open and nonjudgmental. Always be friendly and tolerant of other members. It’s not cool to threaten, harass, stalk, or abuse others - or express views that may be considered racist, bigoted, or hateful towards another individual, group, culture, race, religion, gender, sexuality - or kink.

If it's your first time in a kinky community, then welcome to your new home! But, we recommend you take it slow. Use our educational resources, take time to read other kinkster's profiles, and get involved in discussions, threads, or chats with whom you find an affinity. We’re a friendly bunch.

Follow the law and our values

Your safety is paramount, so we ask you to adhere to the digital SSC (Safe, Sane & Consensual), RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and PRICK (Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink) philosophy when talking with others. While we can't control what happens between kinksters once they decide to meet in person, any behavior that may be deemed harmful to others should be reported to us with full details.

General legal constraints:
- Our kinky online home is not a place to support or praise terrorism, organized crime, hate groups, incest, bestiality, or illegal drug use.
- Even if you feel ready to explore your kinky tendencies at 17, to join our community, you must be legally of age – which means over 18.
- In the spirit of living up to our community values and adhering to law in some countries, sending unsolicited non-consensual dick pics or related content (cyberflashing) isn’t cool. If reported by another user, users will receive a warning, if there are multiple reports, users will face a ban.
- While we acknowledge Financial Domination as a legitimate part of BDSM, unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot allow Findommes to operate in our community - this also applies to sugar babies looking for sugar mommies/daddies (and vice versa), Goddesses receiving financial tributes, picture or panty sellers - or any other way of offering kinks for financial gain.

Protect personal privacy

To protect kinksters' data, we don't allow users to publish contact details, e.g. phone numbers, emails, social media handles or Kik addresses either via an image, video, or text in the Live Chat, BDSM Forum, on Profiles, or in Kinky Ads. Only share personal contact info via direct message when you’ve built trust with the person you’re talking to.

The number one rule of being a kinkster, whether in your local or online community - we don’t out each other. When you come across a kinky person in a vanilla setting, don’t mention their kink unless they do. You never know what someone could lose by having their kinky ways outed. Kinksters who violate this policy will be permanently banned from our site, and any attempts to create a new profile will be blocked.

Keep business aside

We don't allow anyone to offer or request money - period. If asked for money, please report the user.
Advertising goods, services, or spamming is not allowed anywhere on the site. Nor do we allow anyone to conduct market research. If you’d like to advertise with us, our advertising team ([email protected]) would love to hear from you ;)

Again, to protect kinksters' data, we do not allow anyone to post requests relating to an academic thesis or any other educational research. However, officials from universities or the press are welcome to contact us.

Report fakes and multiple profiles

Having multiple accounts is against our Terms of Use. If you’re locked out, usually there’s a reason for it. If you can’t access your account, reset your password, or our Support Team can help - don’t create another profile. If we discover multiple accounts linked to a single user, any secondary profiles will be disabled.
The only exception is:
- for couples to have one couple's profile in addition to one individual profile each.

In addition, we support kinksters who suspect another account of being fake or a scammer, so don't hesitate to hit the 'Report' function, and we'll fly into action. Reporting an account is anonymous, and the reported profile won't know who reported them - but for obvious reasons, do not post any suspicions publicly.

If you spot someone who may be violating our guidelines, please help us by using our built-in report feature. It’s your community, too!

Acknowledge our warnings

Not following the Community and Content Guidelines will result in a warning. If you receive a warning notification on your profile, don’t panic - all you need to do is acknowledge it and ensure you stick to these guidelines in the future. Simple!

Content Restrictions

Our kinky community isn’t a place to support or praise terrorism, organized crime or hate groups; this includes offensive vocabulary and buying or selling firearms. We have zero tolerance when it comes to sharing sexual content involving minors, bestiality/animal abuse, and necrophilia - along with racism, illegal drug use, and threatening to post intimate images of others.

While we kinksters should feel like we can be ourselves and fly our pervy flags, there are limitations when it comes to adhering to obscenity laws in certain countries, which means we can't allow specific topics to be fantasized about or discussed. Content (images and text) that is not allowed to be shared is, for example, breeding, snuff, incest, weapons, and non-consensual violent acts.

Text only

Certain fetishes are allowed to be discussed only in written form but not permitted to appear in images. This includes scat, blood, knife play, and forced sex play (consensual non-consent/rape play). This content is only visible on our website.

Share content you have the rights to

As an authentic community, please only post authentic content (images and text). You should only upload pictures and videos which you have taken or which you were given permission to post.

You are allowed to upload photos of yourself that also show other people, but only if the photo is very clearly SFW (Safe for work). Any photos that don't fall in this category that show anyone other than the profile owner(s) will be deleted.

If you find that someone has uploaded images or videos to FET where you appear without your consent, we can, of course, remove them for you. The same goes for any content that belongs to you that you did not consent to anyone else uploading. All you need to do is contact our Support Team.

Restricted categories

As a free-to-use platform, everyone can upload images as long as they fit within the guidelines. While anyone can upload photos to their gallery, if they fall into a restricted category, the photos will either be deleted or will not appear on the FET app, only on our web version.

To help keep everyone safe, content (images and text) falls under the following:
- ❌ Forbidden: Not allowed anywhere
- 🔞 Restricted: Only visible on our website

Begränsningar för innehåll

In addition to the list above, we reserve the right to remove images that contain:
- Anyone who appears to be in distress or having trouble breathing.
- Images that contain contact info.
- Images that are screenshots
- Images that show people other than the profile owner(s).

Please bear in mind that our image guidelines are based on the content restrictions set by the App Stores.

Post links from trusted sources only

Links to Youtube and Vimeo videos, Wikipedia articles, and Instagram posts are OK. However, no other external links are allowed. The only exception being for FETmods (moderators) when posting about general technical support in the BDSM Forum.

Be responsible for the content you post

In the BDSM Forum, the author assumes all responsibility and liability, thereby also assuming any legal consequences. We, the owners of the Forum, are not responsible for the content posted. Authors must be sure of the accuracy of their posts.

Stories posted in the BDSM Forum must be original content (i.e. content not copied and pasted from other websites). Authors of any forum posts are also accountable for any copyright infringements. Images and texts (e.g. song lyrics) are subject to copyright laws. Ensure when posting content, you understand this, and acknowledge the original owner of the material.

Chat & Forum Rules

Our free Live Chat and BDSM Forum works well because kinksters follow the guidelines. Please ensure you familiarize yourself first before entering the Live Chat and posting threads in the BDSM Forum.

The Live Chat and BDSM Forum are intended for kinksters to get to know each other and discuss kinky topics. Please treat each other as if you were face-to-face. Bullying or being hostile to anyone will not be tolerated, and please be patient with those who may not know the ropes yet. With any online service, there is always some level of risk when talking with others. When asking for advice in the Live Chat or BDSM Forum, we cannot assume any responsibility for any information that you may encounter.

Roleplay in private chat rooms only

As our Live Chat rooms are visible to all kinksters, please refrain from role play. Upgraded kinksters can open a private room and agree to the terms of play between individual users. Free users can join chat rooms, but cannot create them.

With an upgrade, kinksters can open private chat rooms. When selecting a name for your room, be welcoming and respectful, and treat everyone as you would in real life. Kinksters are not allowed to open a room in the name of other users. Live Chat rooms should be welcoming to all, but please bear in mind that opening chat rooms for the purpose of finding a date/hookups is not allowed.

Avoid personals in the Chat & Forum

Posting what you're looking for - whether it's for meetups or a kinky relationship is only reserved for profiles and kinky ads - not in the Live Chat or BDSM Forum. Create a Kinky Ad or use the 'browse' feature to contact others directly.

Request pic swaps via direct contact

If you're looking to swap pics, the Live Chat isn't the place to do this, neither is the BDSM Forum. Please use the 'browse' feature to contact others directly.

About our moderators

To help keep things safe, sane and respectful, trained volunteers called FETmods moderate the Live Chat and BDSM Forum.

When using the Live Chat, while it might not always be apparent that a FETMod is visible, if you experience issues with another kinkster, please use the 'Call Chat-Op' tool. If no FETmod is available, please 'Report' the user so that our Support Team can take further action. Bear in mind that you have the 'Block' feature at your disposal to block the user and avoid escalating a situation.

As a general rule in the BDSM Forum, our FETmods try to keep duplicate threads to a minimum. If your topic has already been discussed multiple times, you will be notified.

So everyone is aware, all FETmod decisions are final. If you don't understand a decision, please contact the Support Team and do not discuss disputes in the Live Chat, BDSM Forum or anywhere on the site; if you do, these posts will be removed (since they are off-topic) and a warning given.


Our vision is to be the world’s most trusted Fetish & BDSM community. A safe, sane and consensual home for kinksters and the kink-curious, that demystifies alternative lifestyles and provides a user-friendly dating app.

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